Friday, August 6, 2010

Join us - Become a Celebrant!

When I tell people that I'm a Celebrant, it leads to the inevitable conversation about what it is, exactly, that I do. Not that I'm complaining - I love talking about my work!

Besides creating wedding ceremonies, I am also able to create other ceremonies for people, such as Vow Renewals, Birthday Celebrations, Baby Blessings, and Coming-of-Age ceremonies. Life-Cycle Celebrants, such as myself, work closely with people to create ceremonies for every type of life event. Sound interesting?

If this type of work appeals to you, you should know that the Celebrant Foundation & Institute is hosting a free informational webinar On Tuesday, August 10th. You can view the invitation on Facebook. You can also learn more about becoming a Celebrant at the website.

There's always room for more Celebrants. Join us in living the art of life!