Anita Vaughan,

Life-Cycle Celebrant

Angel Eyes Photography

I believe that ALL couples deserve to have a personal, unique ceremony to celebrate their love. I also believe that a ceremony doesn’t need to include religion to be meaningful. And it sure doesn’t need to be boring!

Your ceremony sets the tone for your wedding day, and I believe it should be memorable—for you and your guests. I want your family and friends to walk away saying, “That was so THEM!”

Whether you’re hoping to incorporate traditions from your cultural background, or you’d like a fun ceremony sprinkled with geeky movie references, your ceremony should be a true reflection of YOU. It should be a little less “because we’re supposed to” and a lot more “because WE WANT TO.”

As a professionally trained Life-Cycle Celebrant, I can create a beautiful, polished ceremony, centered around your love story. As someone who dabbles in the nerdy, enjoys bad puns, and loves searching for the perfect movie quote, I can also make it fun, offbeat, completely unique… or whatever blend of amazingness you envision.  

So, if you’d like to be as excited about your ceremony as you are about the party that follows, we should definitely talk.