Wednesday, September 11, 2019

What Does a Life-Cycle Celebrant Do?

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Jaysin of Night Owls Media to talk about what I do as a Life-Cycle Celebrant!

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Rita & Bridget's Super Fun & Sorta Nerdy Ceremony

Bridget and Rita...just married!

When I met Rita and Bridget I adored them on the spot. They were sweet and funny, and my kinda people! Needless to say, I had fun creating their wedding ceremony. 

This winter wedding took place at Old Towne Hall in Crystal Lake, providing a warm and intimate setting for this fun and unique event. 

The brides created a whimsical and welcoming atmosphere with all of their DIY touches. From the flowers adorning the tables to the seating arrangements, Bridget and Rita put their personal touch on all of the details. 

Their ceremony was so much fun to write and included some nerdy references, lots of love, and even a unique unity ritual of their own creation. Rita and Bridget are craftsy folk, so they each created a piece of work for the other. (I'm especially impressed that they were able to keep these a secret from one another!) 

After their vows and the ring exchange, they each opened the artwork the other created for them. They then placed these pieces side by side, inside a frame, which they sealed shut together. In the piece on the right (created by Bridget) you can see their silhouettes in blues and purples, huddled over a coffee cup, commemorating their first date at a coffee shop.

While this was definitely my favorite part of the ceremony, I loved that they were willing to include some nerdy references, including Harry Potter and gaming. I mean, they did first meet at a bar game night, playing Cronikole.  

Their unique and personal touches were evident throughout the venue. For example, instead of individualized seating, guests were grouped at tables, according to their association. So, there were family tables, as well as tables for co-workers from the framing shop, and friends from gaming groups. Hence, the "Framers" and "Gamers" table. 

What's not to love with these two?!?! 

Bride selfie!
Bridget and Rita were such a joy! The rehearsal the day before was full of laughs, so I knew we were going to have a great time on the big day. Boy, was I right! The ceremony was full of laughter (even if one of the times it was because no one got our joke), and even a few tears. Most of all, it was full of so much love. 

Rita and Bridget, I wish you all the love in the world. Keep making each other laugh and keep shining your light.... and "I forget the rest." 

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Outdoor Ceremony with Handfasting

My poor blog has been dormant for so long and it has been quietly nagging at me to return. So, voila! Here I am.

I thought I would start back with a video, graciously shared with me by Jaysin of NightOwls Media. I had the joy of creating a short and sweet wedding ceremony for Jaysin and Andrea, two of my favorite people. Ever.

They gathered their families at a pretty lakeside location on a cool fall day. As they exchanged vows, the geese on the lake chimed in with  their approval. (You never know who will show up to an outdoor wedding!)

Andrea and Jaysin's love story was centered around Wilferd A. Peterson's "The Art of Marriage." They also participated in a handfasting ritual, opting to have loved ones help with the tying and untying of the cord. To include their family and friends in the ceremony, the cord itself was made from ribbons and wire contributed by each o their guests.

While some couples want to have a big wedding to celebrate their love, an intimate ceremony with just a few important people can be just as meaningful and special. I'm so happy I had the honor of being a part of this wonderful couple's ceremony!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

The First Look

While many couples opt to do their first look before the ceremony, I still have the occasional wedding where they go the traditional route. Tony and Angela decided not to see each other before the ceremony on their wedding day. The look on Tony's face when he sees his bride is absolutely perfect, 

Thanks to Mantas Ivanauskas Photography for sharing what I think is one of my all-time favorite photos. This could also be attributed to the fact that Tony happens to be one of my favorite people. But either way. this picture is great. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I'm a Guest Blogger! - Tips for Personalizing Your Wedding Ceremony

I was invited by the wonderful Greatest Expectations to write a blog post about personalizing your wedding ceremony. So, of course, I did!

The article covers several ways to make your ceremony a reflection of the two of you, including music, readings, and unique rituals. 

Photo by Julia Franzosa Photography
So, what are you waiting for?

Head on over and read my article, The Perfect “I Do” for You- How to Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

20 Questions to Ask a Wedding Officiant - and a Few to Ask Yourself

You've picked the date and secured the perfect venue. You know exactly what kind of cake you'll have. You're narrowing down your choices for a DJ. So, what are you missing? 

Oh, yeah..... someone has to officiate your wedding ceremony!

There are so many choices for officiants, so 
how do you know if you've found the right person? They key to this is asking the right questions. 

When you sit down with a potential officiant, you are meeting this person to see whether you're a good match. Be sure to use the consultation as an opportunity to ask questions. Learn as much as you can about the person who will be responsible for one of the most important moments in your life. 

Here is a list of questions that should help you pick the right officiant:

1.    Did you go through any formal training in order to officiate ceremonies?
2.    Are your ceremonies any different from those of other officiants?
3.    Do you officiate other ceremonies besides weddings?
4.    What was one of your favorite wedding ceremonies?
5.    Would you ever turn down a couple's invitation to perform their ceremony? If so, for what reason?
6.    How would you describe your ideal couple?

7.    Have you ever had things go wrong during a ceremony? How did you handle it?
8.    What do you think is your main responsibility as an officiant?
9.    What's the best compliment a wedding guest ever gave you?
10. What was the funniest or oddest moment in a wedding you celebrated?
11. How much control (or input) do we have over the final ceremony?

12. What are your thoughts on a rehearsal? Do you charge extra for running a rehearsal?

13. Do you need a microphone on the wedding day?

14. Will you be staying for the rehearsal dinner and/or reception?

15. Have you ever been late or missed a wedding? If so, what happened?

16. How many weddings do you officiate in a day?

17. Have you ever co-officiated a ceremony with another officiant? If not, would you be willing to do so?

18. Do have any restrictions for us or any of our wedding professionals? (Ex: No flash photography.)

19. What is your fee and what does the fee include?

20. Would you tell us a bit about yourself? 

After the consultation, be sure to take some time to sit down and talk about your meeting. Compare notes and be sure you and your future spouse are on the same page. 

You may want to ask yourselves a few questions. Such as...

Does this person’s personality and approach match ours?

Will this person make us feel comfortable on our wedding day?
Does he/she seem prepared and professional?

Is he/she enthusiastic about our wedding?

Does he/she seem interested in us as a couple and in making our ceremony special?

Can we trust this person to make our ceremony run smoothly?

I hope this list comes in handy. Good luck with your search! (And if you would be kind enough to excuse a professional plug - be sure you speak to a Life-Cycle Celebrant!)

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Couples' Choice Award 2016

Thank you to my wonderful couples for this honor!
So excited to have received this award for the 7th year in a row.