Saturday, January 26, 2019

Outdoor Ceremony with Handfasting

My poor blog has been dormant for so long and it has been quietly nagging at me to return. So, voila! Here I am.

I thought I would start back with a video, graciously shared with me by Jaysin of NightOwls Media. I had the joy of creating a short and sweet wedding ceremony for Jaysin and Andrea, two of my favorite people. Ever.

They gathered their families at a pretty lakeside location on a cool fall day. As they exchanged vows, the geese on the lake chimed in with  their approval. (You never know who will show up to an outdoor wedding!)

Andrea and Jaysin's love story was centered around Wilferd A. Peterson's "The Art of Marriage." They also participated in a handfasting ritual, opting to have loved ones help with the tying and untying of the cord. To include their family and friends in the ceremony, the cord itself was made from ribbons and wire contributed by each o their guests.

While some couples want to have a big wedding to celebrate their love, an intimate ceremony with just a few important people can be just as meaningful and special. I'm so happy I had the honor of being a part of this wonderful couple's ceremony!