Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Wedding Just for Metal Heads!

My husband just found this amazing news at The Onion's AV Club and I just had to share.

Any metal heads out there? Planning to get married soon? Hoping to combine your love of music with your Big Day?Then this could be the answer to your dreams.

You can get married at next month's Ozzfest!

The package being offered, called "Unholy Matrimony," features
an Ozzfest wedding ceremony performed on stage by Big Dave. I have no idea who Big Dave is, but apparently he can officiate your rockin' ceremony. Go, Big Dave!

But wait, there's more! It also includes
10 general admission pit tickets (for the happy couple and 8 of their closest friends), an Ozzfest wedding cake, access to the Ozzfest VIP Lounge, and other goodies. Did I mention that your officiant, Big Dave, will also be your guide for an official pre-show Backstage Tour?

Seriously, I do think this is kinda cool. Hey, I may have been more into New Order and Depeche Mode than Metallica, but I did listen to Ozzy back in my youth. And I admit to having had a crush on Randy Rhoads. There - I said it.

Actually, I think it would be fun to be the officiant for this ceremony, But, unfortunately, Big Dave beat me to it.

Just know that, if you're not into the whole getting-married-on-stage thing, but still want a metal wedding, I think it would be fun! All aboard on the crazy train!