Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What I Did During My Summer Vacation

Let me begin by telling you that this post has nothing to do with wedding ceremonies. Or cupcakes. Or any other baked goods for that matter.

Let's just call it, "Getting to Know Your Friendly, Neighborhood Celebrant."

You see, I have had a month off of officiating wedding ceremonies. I don't know how this happened, but I've had a little "vacation" right in the middle of the summer. And I'm not complaining!
While I have been working on writing and researching, I've also had time to pursue other interests on the weekends.

Since we have become such good friends, I am
now prepared to reveal some of my secrets desires to you. But only to you.

Secret #1 - I really want some chickens

I don't mean for dinner. I mean, as pets. And for eggs. I even have a name picked out for one of them: Henrietta. I also like Penelope, but I gave that name to my GPS. (It seemed to go with her accent.)
I want to have a little coop in the yard for up to four hens. That way, there would be one for each of us. (But we all know they'll really all be mine.)
The problem is that, where I live, backyard chickens are not allowed. They're permitted in all the surroun
ding suburbs, as well as the city of Chicago, but not here. Have the people around here not heard of urban farming!?!? Go figure.
I'm planning on working to change this, but haven't had the time to formulate the battle plan. Yet.

City Council members be warned - I will be taking up the good fight some day soon. And if you try to thwart me, I will not share any eggs with you. So there.

Secret #2 - I love watching the Demolition Derby
I developed this taste back in college when my friend Julie took me with her family. I always cheered for the car that had "Faith No More" emblazoned on the
back. Okay, it was roughly painted, but it was still a tribute to a band I liked, so it worked for me. My other favorite had a huge barbie doll in a wedding dress attached to the back.

In any case, I love watching cars smash into each other. I also want to be the driver that's smashing into the other cars. Enough said.

The highlight of this month was going to the DuPage County Fair, where I was able to revel in my secret pleasures!

I have no reasonable explanation as to why a city girl like me has these interests. But I do.
And now, you know a little bit more about me than you ever needed (or wanted) to know.

I swear to you - that chicken in the picture above really was talking to me! Really.