Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Q: What type of research do you do for ceremonies?

When discussing my work recently, I mentioned that I love having the opportunity to do research on a wide variety of topics. I was asked to describe the types of research I do for ceremonies.

So, in response to that question, I thought I'd first explain why I do research.

Couples that work with me complete questionnaires, with questions about their relationship (how they met, what they love about one another, etc), what they want in a ceremony, and their own likes/dislikes and interests. I take that information and get to work on creating a ceremony that reflects the couple - as individuals and as a pair - and tells their story.

So..... I do lots of research. Which I really enjoy (the library is my friend!) Some of it has to do with topics you would expect, some may be a little surprising.

Here are some topics I've researched for ceremonies:
  • Chinese legend of the Red String
  • Song lyrics from different artists, including Bjork, U2, Leonard Cohen, Beatles, Deathcab for Cutie, Frank Sinatra, Counting Crows & Journey
  • Legal decisions
  • Mongolian wedding customs
  • Sports lingo - especially baseball
  • Pagan holidays
  • Verses from the Koran
  • Cherokee blanket ceremony
  • Secular versions of the traditional Jewish Seven Blessings
  • Comic book couples
  • Dialogue from movies, such as Twilight, Harold & Maude, Princess Bride, Star Wars & Reservoir Dogs
  • Symbolism of flowers
  • Vietnamese wedding traditions
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Korean wedding rituals
  • Disney characters & lines from movies
  • Quotes about coffee
  • Military language
  • Impressionist painters
  • German folk songs
  • Capoeira, an Afro-Brazialian art form combining dance & martial arts