Monday, May 24, 2010

Jamie & Eric's Wedding - A Bride's Tell-All Memoir

Tell-all memoir? Maybe I'm exaggerating a little. Okay, maybe a lot.

Jamie and Eric were married in April at the Catalyst Ranch..... as we know, one of my favorite spots - EVER!

I would have loved to write a delightful and witty description of their festivities, but it's already been done. There's no way that I even come close to the write-up done by.... (drum roll, please).... none other than the fabulous bride herself.

Suffice it to say that I truly adore this couple and was so happy to be a part of their day. I smile every single time I think of them!
So, here it is! Read Jamie's wonderful and witty blog post.

Just pretend you read all about it here first. Humor me.

P.S. -
I "borrowed" (or stole) this photo from her post. Thanks, Jamie!