Friday, May 28, 2010

Getting Married? Blog About it!

One of the couples I'm marrying this summer, Carol & Matt, have a blog that I thought was so cool!

It's called (surprise!) Carol and and is devoted to their upcoming wedding. The site has lots of helpful information for wedding guests, as well as amazing photos of the couple. I love that a bunch of their photos were taken in Uptown, right by the Riviera Night Club - scene of their first date.

I just love these people!

They're also writing about the wedding planning process, which is a fun behind-the-scenes peek that friends & family don't normally get to see.

So..... if you're planning a wedding and can manage to find the time, (how DO you do it, you guys?) look into putting together your own wedding blog. You can do it for almost nothing - just register your domain name and go! You can also use a blogging site, such as blogger, which offers templates, so it's super-easy.

I bet your friends would get a kick out of it. And so would your Aunt Marge!

Now get going! And thanks to Carol & Matt for the inspiration. I can't wait for your wedding! Only 78 more days ...... I know, because your website told me so!