Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Henna hands are happy hands

After blogging about a bride who was "henna-ed" prior to her wedding, I got the itch to get my own henna hands. So, this past Saturday my friend and I went to Mah Rose Salon in downtown Des Plaines, where we both had our hands adorned. It was so much fun!

It was fascinating to watch Sadia, the gifted artist, at work on my hands, but I have to admit that I was distracted by the Bollywood music videos on the little t.v. in the corner. I couldn't stop watching! The music made me want to start dancing - which you really shouldn't do when someone is painting on your hands with reddish dye.

The only problem was, after we left, I had to go home to change clothes. We were going out to dinner with another friend and my sister (it was my birthday outing!) and I wanted to wear a cute outfit to show off my henna! Sadly, some of the drying henna paste came off of my arm, but the stuff on my fingers made it through the wardrobe change. It wound up looking great, even though my arm design was a bit lighter than my hands. Oh well. My brown jacket with the three-quarter sleeves showed off my fancy arms quite nicely, thank you very much!

We went out for dinner at Ethiopian Diamond in Chicago's Edgewater neighborhood. Since this is the area where three of us grew up, there were many refrains of "remember when." Our amazing dinner was followed by coffee and chatting at Julius Meinl Cafe, a Viennese coffeehouse on Lincoln Avenue. Sipping my steamy melange, I was transported back to Vienna, where my husband and I spent our honeymoon -15 years ago!

All in all, it was a wonderful day!