Tuesday, March 10, 2009

An inter-cultural wedding

Today I serendipitously (ha! I finally got to use that word!) came across the website of Dorai and Melinda Iyer, a couple who were married in a beautiful inter-cultural wedding in 2000.

Dorai, a native of India, and Melinda, originally from Chicago, dubbed their event "the Cool-Ass Hybrid Multicultural Weddingthingy". Well, as far as I'm concerend, their wedding looked very cool!

Day One of the celebration was the Mendhi Party, where Melinda and her bridesmaids decorated with henna. This is just the beginning - she had both sides of her hands done!
Day Two was the rehearsal, where the bride wore a gorgeous sari given to her by her in-laws.

Day Three was the Ceremony and the Reception. Rather than the bride being escorted or "given away," the couple walked together. 
The ceremony included Hindu rituals, including the Saptapadi, or Seven Steps Ritual. The couple took "seven symbolic steps together, toward a long and happy union." As the couple took their steps, the officiant recited the following:

Let us take the first step to nourish each other the second step to grow together in strength the third step to preserve our blessings the fourth step to share our happiness the fifth step to care for our children the sixth step to live long and happy lives together the seventh step to remain lifelong partners and friends, two imperfect halves to make a more perfect whole. With these seven steps we have bound our friendship. You have become mine forever. From today forward we will share equally in all that life offers us.

This was a such a lovely wedding, and a perfect example of how couples can blend their backgrounds to create a ceremony that is truly a reflection of them.

their website to see more pictures and to read the wedding script. You can even view the menu - but don't do it on an empty stomach because it will make your mouth water!