Wednesday, March 11, 2009

OOPS! I spoke too soon....

So, I was officiating a wedding recently at the lovely W Hotel on Lake Shore Drive, and I was so very "in the moment." The space was gorgeous - the room all aglow in candlelight, artfully decorated with orchids. There was a beautiful, satiny wedding cake and a funky, car-shaped groom's cake. The bride was beautiful and the couple were two of the nicest people I've ever met. It was all so perfect.

One of the best parts was meeting with the folks from Fig Media who made up the video/dj/photographer team. They were great to work with - professionals who knew what they were doing, were easy to work with, and fun! (Alvin, the dj, was even nice enough to laugh at my bad jokes during the rehearsal.)

I especially have to give kudos to Melissa, the videographer, who was victim to my over-eagerness. There I stood in the center of the room, as the couple waited just outside the frosted glass doors. After having gone out to clip a mike on the groom, Melissa came in and walked across the dance floor, just past me, to get back to her video camera. I believe I mouthed "Ready?" to her. Feeling all the eyes in the room on me, and sensing the couple's eagerness and excitement bubbling into the room, it seemed like everything was in slow motion. So, as Melissa strode past and shook her head "No," my brain somehow registered that as "yes" and I began the ceremony. OOPS! I apparently need to work on my interpretive skills!

After the ceremony, Melissa gently informed me that she wasn't able to get the beginning of the ceremony on tape. But, ever the professional, she had me re-do the intro in the back of the room (near the kitchen- much to the chagrin of one of the servers) and was really nice about it.

What can I say - sometimes I get wrapped up in the moment!