Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Perfect Mother's Day!

I am one lucky mama - and wife! It began last night, when I was treated to a great dinner at Lucky Platter in Evanston. We talked, laughed, and had the best banana cream pie ever!

This morning, I slept in and lingered lazily in bed, cuddling with Frannie, our big furball of a cat.

Then, I came downstairs to the most amazing gifts from my family! And they were absolutely perfect!

I now have a new orchid for my growing collection, two gorgeous scarves (for my other ever-expanding collection!), yummy treats, and.... two new necklaces handcrafted by my son and daughter.

What's that, you say? Is that a sweet little bird necklace AND a TARDIS necklace!? Why, yes it is. Thank you for noticing.

All these wondrous delights = the Best Mother's Day ever! Happy Mother's Day!