Sunday, January 13, 2013

Luis & Dan's Incredible Wedding Photos - with Bacon and Eggs Socks!

This past fall I officiated Luis and Dan's wedding ceremony at Uncommon Ground (known as the "Greenest Restaurant in America.")

They were lucky enough to hire the amazing Hilda of Angel Eyes Photography. Not only is she always fun to work with, I knew there would be amazing photos. Boy, was I right! 

Be sure to check out her blog post about the wedding. Don't you just love those bacon and egg socks? 

Here are a few photos in the meantime, but be sure to go to the blog for more!

Breakfast footwear

Handfasting during the ceremony
Luis and Dan light up the night!

If you need a photographer for your wedding, Hilda is fantastic. But you can already see that from her work. And did I mention how much fun she is??