Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Know That Voice!

I don't brag about many things, but I am very (unashamedly) proud of one unique skill I possess. I have the ability to identify voices.

You know, you're in the car and you hear a commercial and you think, 'I know that voice.' Well, I almost always DO know it! Okay, so maybe everyone could tell that Morgan Freeman was the velvety voice behind the summer Olympics. But did you recognize Julia Roberts for the AOL ad and Nationwide Insurance??? Hmmmm..... did you? 

Sorry, I told ya I would brag.

So, now that you know this about me (and that I may or may not be a little cocky about it) imagine my delight at this news: I am going to be doing voice-over work! 

No, it's not a commercial or a feature animated film. My gig will entail the narration of an educational film for doctors. (I saw you just roll your eyes.) 

I'm pretty darn excited about it! I've been practicing my "mad scientist" accent for days. I hope they like it.

Just kidding. Really.

I'm just hoping they give me a pronunciation key for all those medical terms.  Wish me luck!