Sunday, January 29, 2012

Handfasting & Blessing Stones Explained

I have to start by saying that I had such a great time at Indie Wed yesterday!! Yes, I was utterly exhausted by the time I got home, but I had a ball!

One of the best parts was meeting brides and grooms and talking to them about various wedding ceremony rituals. Here I'm explaining the handfasting ritual. This is an ancient Celtic tradition, believed to be the origin of the term "tie the knot." 

Handfasting cord
In this ritual, the couple holds hands and a cord or ribbon is wrapped around their joined hands. They can exchange vows at this time, if they choose, or have their Celebrant recite the Blessing of the Hands.

Handfasting at Indie Wed

Blessing Stones

 I also had the chance to explain the Blessing Stones. In this ritual, guests are given a stone (or shell, or anything they choose) at the beginning of the ceremony. During the ceremony guests are asked to hold the stone in their hands while making a wish for the couple. After the guests have bestowed their blessings upon the stones, they are collected by a friend or family member. This will then be a keepsake for the couple. 

It was really fun getting to explain the rituals that I believe add so much to a couple's ceremony