Friday, January 28, 2011

DIY Wedding Ideas from my Close, Personal Friend, Martha

Okay, she has worn down my resistance. I love Martha!!! I can't help it. I received a subscription to Martha Stewart Living and when it comes in the mail, everything else gets tossed aside. It's like a drug! Now you know my secret shame.

So, I am now compelled to share the latest DIY projects from her wedding website - ideas for spring weddings. My favorites? So glad you asked!

Personalized tea bags - take-home treats for your guests
Flower girl parasols, which could also be for bridesmaids or the bride!
Flowers-to-Go Favor Bags - What are you going to do with all those cut flowers? Let your guest enjoy them at home after the wedding!
Pom-Pom Car Decoration - Seriously, do you really want old gym shoes or rusty cans trailing your car?

See all the spring wedding ideas here. Enjoy - and say hi to Martha for me!