Thursday, December 9, 2010

Celebrating Good Deeds and Great Talent!

I just heard some great news and had to share. I'm all about CELEBRATING, you know!

First, I need to introduce you to Kate Diaz. She is a local singer/songwriter that you will definitely be hearing about in the future! I had the good fortune of meeting Kate and her mom earlier this year at our homeschool Co-Op. I had the great pleasure of hearing her play guitar and sing - such a wonderful, rich voice!

So..... I was really excited to hear that Kate was invited by the band Sister Hazel to perform on stage with them at House of Blues earlier this year. Kate had done a cover version of "All for You" which the band saw (and liked!) on YouTube. They admired her talent as well as her generous nature. You see, Kate has been performing at Potbelly's on the weekends, saving her tip money to donate to a charity which supports families dealing with cancer. Sister Hazel knew that Kate was someone who deserved celebration!

Here she is performing with the band at House of Blues. This was so fantastic - it had to be shared!

And, the story doesn't end there! Kate has written a wonderful Christmas song called "Christmas Smiles." The song can be downloaded at iTunes. All proceeds form the song will be donated to CureSearch for Children's Cancer. Download it now! You'll get a great song and you'll be donating to a great cause.

Here is an acoustic preview of "Christmas Smiles":

This just shows that one person can make a difference. Thanks for the inspiration, Kate!!