Sunday, November 28, 2010

Beautiful Corsages for Your Wedding

Okay, I admit that, up until recently, the thought of a wrist corsage made me cringe. But that probably goes back to an incident a long time ago, when I went to a dance with a friend (I didn't think it was a date - we were going with a group of friends) and he presented me with a wrist corsage. I wanted to die. It didn't help that it was a big purple orchid and wearing it made me feel like someone's grandma.

Oh well, the night was a disaster and thus, my disdain for the wrist corsage was born.

But....... that ended when a couple I married last year ordered a corsage for me to wear when I officiated their wedding. I was really flattered - and it was a beautiful corsage!

Then, a few months later, another couple gave me a wrist corsage. Wow! These sweet gestures changed my mind.

And then - I just checked out a post on Martha Stewart Weddings. She's done it AGAIN! Check out these luscious corsages!! The article even gives you ideas for sweet little guest corsages, delicate crepe paper flowers, even flower rings for your bridesmaids! Most of these ideas include instructions to make them yourself, so they won't cost you a fortune.

And they're so pretty!!!

Okay, I admit it - I was wrong for a long time. I encourage you to get corsages for everyone! And don't forget me. =)