Saturday, September 25, 2010

James & Kristy's Baseball Bash!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of marrying Kristy and James.

This very sweet couple had their wedding at Villa Olivia Country Club. The patio, with the lovely pond, provided a wonderful bac
kdrop for the ceremony. It was so pretty, especially with the fall colors just starting to emerge.

Kristy and James are both big baseball lovers, namely White Sox fans. Their passion for the Sox was evident on their Big Day.

Rather than table cards, James' brother created "admission tickets" for the guests, which were very cool. The tables were each named for a different baseball team. The centerpieces featured bags of peanuts adorned with baseball cards, which served as wedding favors. Love it!

The wedding included a sand ceremony, for which James and Kristy chose two colors of sand: black and white. The colors of the White Sox. A coincidence? I think not! I believe I even recall a little cheer of "Go Sox" from Kristy during the ceremony.

The ceremony itself went off without a hitch, despite some earlier worries about rain.

The bridesmaids each wore different colored dresses - pink brown and coral. They looked beautiful! The flower girl wore a bright pink dress and definitely looked the part of the adorable little princess. I think my favorite moment was seeing the her skip/prance down the aisle, tossing her rose petals. Too cute!

I also loved checking out the cool tattoos on some of the bridal party. I especially liked the Japanese Maneki Neko (good luck cat) sported by one of the bridesmaids!

Kristy and Jame
s, it was so much fun being a part of your celebration.
I wish you a lifetime of happiness - and Sox wins!