Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wedding Profile: Mangesh & Raquel's Colorful Spanish-Indian Celebration at Baha'i Temple

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of officiating the wedding ceremony of Mangesh and Raquel at the Baha'i Temple in Wilmette.

Mangesh, a native of
India, and Raquel, from Spain, had a wonderful, multicultural ceremony. It was such a delight to be a part of this celebration!

The ceremony included readings in Spanish and Hindi, as well as a reading of Seven Wishes, as a nod to the tradition of the Seven Steps, or
Saptapadi, of Indian weddings. Seven of their friends shared blessings for the couple, in English and Spanish.

One of my favorite touches was that Raquel's wedding flowers were presented as a part of the ceremony. Rather than walking in with a bouquet, she was given flowers after her entrance, by her parents and sister, and Mangesh's parents and brother. The long-stemmed roses were gathered in a bunch and Mangesh tied
them together with a red scarf - from Raquel's hometown in Spain. It was a beautiful symbol of the joining of their two families and cultures.

And, last but not least, take a look at Raquel's incredible dress! Mangesh brought it back for her from India this summer. It was unbelievably beautiful, with delicately intricate beading and embroidery. I made sure to take a picture so I could show my mom. As a seamstress, I knew she would appreciate the amazing details. And she did. (There was much ooh-ing and ahh-ing.)

The wedding was a spectacular sight - a gorgeous feast of colors amidst the grand beauty of the temple. A wonderful experience I'll never forget!

Congratulations, Raquel and Mangesh!

I wish you all the best - I know you will have a long and happy life together!