Sunday, May 2, 2010

Erin & Nate's Wedding - Bagpipes and Tartan Ties!

Yesterday was a lovely day for a wedding - despite the rain! Erin and Nate were married in a ceremony at the Naper Settlement chapel. I was really excited about this ceremony, as it allowed me to do more research into pagan rituals and holidays. I found it all so fascinating and I've been quite taken with the beauty and richness of the rituals.

I love my job!!! (sorry, I had to let that out!)

It was May 1st, known as May Day, which is also the Pagan holiday known as Beltaine. It's the day the fairies awake from their slumber and the curtains between the earthly world and the magical
world are most translucent. It's a day that celebrates rebirth, life.... and love. A great day for a wedding!

The groom and his groomsmen were handsome in their tuxes, with the added detail of tartan ties. Very dashing! A bagpiper played as the bridal party entered and then led the beautiful bride and her father down the aisle. This was my first experience (as a Celebrant) with bagpipes included in the ceremony. It was truly breathtaking!

The ceremony included a handfasting ritual, in which their friend Jan handled the cord duties. She also made her own blessing, which was a lovely touch.

The ceremony ended with the bagpiper leading the way. When the couple walked down the chapel stairs, they were greeting by their friends and family waving colorful ribbons. I don't think anyone even noticed the drops of rain.

Congratulations, Erin and Nate! Thank you for letting me be a part of your day!