Saturday, March 6, 2010

Macaroons, You WIll Never Steal Me Away from my Cupcakes!

So, I was in my kitchen, doing the dishes and listening to NPR. The next thing I know, I'm hearing a
story about macaroons, the cute little French treats that are threatening to steal the spotlight from my darling cupcakes!

I have to admit that they're pretty cute - and they come in delightful colors. These sweets also boast some very intriguing flavors, such as green tea, hibiscus & caramel - just to name a few. They seem to be popping up all over the place, especially since being popularized by the t.v. show, Gossip Girl.

Apparently claims that macaroons (or, "macarons") are taking over, calling them the heir to the cupcake craze. Could it be true??? These crispy, creamy delights seem to be making appearances at lots of weddings lately. Hmmmm....

Are my cupcakes doomed???

Don't worry, my cupcake darlings, I'm sure it's just a fad.
I promise I won't betray you. Well.... unless, someone happens to give me a green tea macaroon. And then I promise to just sample. Just one tiny, little nibble.