Sunday, October 18, 2009

Breaking the Glass & Putting it Back Together Again!

I came across Mazel Tov Glass when researching Jewish wedding traditions online - and was completely awestruck!

I just love this concept. You order a
beautiful, delicate, hand-blown glass for the glass-breaking ritual at the end of your wedding ceremony. The glasses are available in a variety of colors and are sent to you in a velvet Mazel Tov bag imported from Israel.

After the ritual, the glass shards are collected. You send them back to Mazel Tov Glass and they use the broken pieces to handcraft a stunning glass keepsake. You can choose from a variety of vase or bowl designs, or you can choose to have a glass creation custom made, such as the glass flowers in the bottom photo.

What a lovely way to celebrate a wonderful wedding ritual - and to have a keepsake that will always be a reminder of your wedding day.