Monday, August 10, 2009

Weddings are for Heroes

For the past few weeks I have been obsessively reading the Marvel Civil War graphic novels. I've been a fan of comics for some time, but I've always been more of a follower of the fantasy genre (Sandman, Books of Magic). But I recently discovered the Civil War series and can't get enough!

And then, I learned that a bride & groom I'm marrying next month are both big comic book fans. While working on the ceremony, I thought I'd look into comics for a good quote.

So, naturally, al
l this superhero stuff got me thinking about..... superhero weddings!

I thought this was a pretty novel idea on my part. Little did I know that Chris Sims of Comics Alliance had beaten me to the punch! Check out his article, The Greatest Superhero Weddings, for more superhero wedding pictures & information.

But be warned, superhero comic novices - you never know what you'll find. I was shocked to learn that Spiderman's sweet, old Aunt May almost married Doc Oc!