Monday, August 17, 2009

Are YOU a Bad Daughter-in-Law?

This LOL Cat may not think you're a good daughter-in-law.
The question is ..... Are you?

We always hear about the evil mother-in-law. I have friends who have been cursed with some pretty wacky MILs. That being said, there are daughters-in-law that can make your skin crawl.

So, are you a bad daughter-in-law?

To find out if you qualify for this unsavory category, check out
12 Signs You're the Daughter-in-Law from Hell at

The article include these lovely examples of dealing with your MIL:
  • When she gave you her secret family recipes, you ripped them up and said, "He has a new family now and won't be needing these."
  • You audibly snickered when she said, "Welcome to the family."
I sincerely hope you don't recognize yourself here. I'm crossing my fingers....