Monday, April 6, 2009

Green wedding bands

GreenKarat is a business that sells jewelry made with recycled gold and other recycled precious metals. Not only is the company dedicated to "ecological responsibility," it also produces gorgeous wedding bands. There were several rings that I fell in love with! Here are some examples with their eloquent descriptions:

For the nature lover...
Seasons: "Robert Frost wrote of budding Spring growth: “Nature’s first green is gold, her hardest hue to hold”. But her last green is also gold, is it not? And what better ambassador for those magnificent stages of seasonal change than the maple leaf.

Our lives and our love will surely have seasons, too. May they all be as delightful and welcome as those which unfold around us."

For your inner science geek....
Intimate Bond: "We are largely made of and by proteins, and proteins are made from long chains of small molecules called amino acids. The link between one amino acid and the next is sometimes referred to as a Peptide Bond. That’s a very fundamental joining of nature; a tie we find symbolic of love's intimate bond.

These exquisitely detailed rings offer a stylized representation of the molecular structure which bears encrypted messages saying either 'Eternal' (top ring) or 'Peace' (bottom ring)."

For the wine connoisseur....
Vinea : "Some of the nicest gifts we receive are from the vines native to our area. Some are among the earliest bloomers in the spring. Others will in summer grace the shells of dead trees deep in the woods. Like our partners in love, they appreciate receiving support, but seldom become a burden.

Hand carved in two different styles: Embossed design on the top ring; Recessed design on the bottom ring."

For my fellow English majors out there....
Gatsby Redux : "Named for Fitzgerald’s ‘Great Gatsby’, this bridal set is defined by more than just its luxuriously indulgent retro style. The fictional Gatsby’s unfortunate trials also endow our peace of mind, as the story causes us each to pause and say a silent ‘thanks’ for the grounded values our own partners bring to our relationship.

Note the exquisite engraving detail on these rings. Although antique in appearance, the environmentally and socially responsible set is comprised of recycled metal, with a created diamond; both decidedly updated ideas. And combining the best of both worlds, the diamond sports a brilliant modern cut, undoubtedly prettier than the diamond Daisy wore."