Saturday, March 14, 2009

Best Wedding ?

The Word Arrangement blog just posted an interesting question: What's the best wedding you ever attended?

That got me thinking. I think my favorite wedding was my friend Julie's wedding - 15 years ago! I was the maid-of-honor and got to be right in the middle of everything. My mom made the bridesmaid dresses, so we all spent time together for that process.

Before the wedding, the bridesmaids (and Julie, of course!) went out for breakfast. We went back to Julie's house to get dressed and sip champagne.

There were mishaps - her sister-in-law passed out during the ceremony and people were screaming and panicking. It was very surreal. The sister-in-law was fine (even though she fainted one more time before the ceremony ended) and the ceremony was lovely.

The best part was the reception! Julie and I have been friends since grammar school and I know her whole family. Uncle Kenny taught me how to speak with an official "hillbilly" accent when we were in West Virginia. Granny made me peach cobbler when we were in high school. These people are the best! I remember singing "I've Got Friends in Low Places" with everyone at the reception. And I mean everyone sang! It was like a big, fun, crazy family reunion - and it didn't even matter if you were really in the family!

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