Friday, February 20, 2009

There's a run in my nylons! and other little disasters...

So, your best friend is at your wedding in her new little black dress and killer heels - and then the unthinkable happens! Gasp! Her nylons have a run!!

Well, knowing her, she'll probably just trash the pantyhose and dance the night away. But, if it's Aunt Gertrude with the run, we may have a problem.

It's the Restroom Courtesy Basket to the rescue!!

Your wedding guests will be relieved in times of trouble to know that you have provided a basket of necessities.

What to include? At you can find a list of items to include. She suggests one for each restroom. And don't forget to include a note indicating the items are there for guests to use, compliments of the bride & groom.

Suggested items include nylons, hair spray, antacids, pain-relievers, band-aids and breath mints.

Boy, I wish I had those spare nylons when Aunt Gertrude's hose got caught on my chair!