Thursday, February 3, 2011

AnitaWeds Giveaway - Honorable Mention #2

Honorable Mention #2.....

Alison- getting married on 9/11/11

Alison is planning the most amazing Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding! Check out the fantastic engagement photos. (She did ensure me that they don't dress up as Alice and the Mad Hatter on a regular basis!)

The bride is a graphic designer and her groom is an artist, so this will be one amazing DIY event! They wanted "lots of unique touches and mismatched eclectic items," so most of their purchases have been from thrift stores, antique shops. yard sales, and flea markets. Thrifty and creative - I love it!

The ceremony will take place in a rose garden, followed by a tea party reception. Here's how Alison described the scene: "We are going to have long tables with mismatched chairs (painted by yours truly), hand-sewn chair pads, napkins, and tablecloths. Our guests will dine on mismatched china, and the tables will be decorated with playing cards and teapots filled with flowers and silver tea trays filled with little tea sandwiches and 'eat me' cakes."

They'll also be making topiaries covered in "twinkly lights" and will be stringing colored lanterns from the trees. Alison put together an inspiration board of photos, which will give you an idea of what this will all look like. Although, I know she will make it much incredible!

Alison's dress will have a light blue sash and she'll be wearing a pocketwatch necklace on a long strand of pearls. Her groom will have a pocketwatch boutonniere and is even considering a top hat. I think he should go for it - he looks pretty dashing in one, don't ya think?

In addition to being crafty, Alison is also a baker. Her hobby is baking cakes, so she's creating their "topsy-turvy teapot shaped wedding cake." How cool is that??

Lewis Carroll has even inspired the invitations that Alison's designing! They include original illustrations and whimsical wording.

Man, I wish I could be there to see this!! I only hope Alison may wish to share some photos after the wedding. Hint! Hint!!

Thanks, Alison for sharing your amazing wedding plans. I know your day will be spectacular!