Thursday, February 3, 2011

The AnitaWeds Giveaway: And the Winner Is........

And the WINNER is........

Sarah & Teresa's Dia de los Muertos wedding - 10/8/11

Okay, folks - fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the juicy details of this way cool wedding! Just look at these two - you know this is gonna be FUN!

Teresa and Sarah are having their reception at Catalyst Ranch in Chicago, one of my all-time favorite venues. This fun spot definitely lends itself to their Day of the Dead theme with its bright colors and funky decor. Perfect choice.

And why the theme? Teresa explained, "This colorful celebration fits our lives in a few very symbolic ways. The first is the death of our lives separately, and the rebirth of our lives together for eternity." She also explained that her grandfather

is from Mexico and the theme is a tribute to him and a celebration of his culture.

It also doesn't hurt that Sarah and Teresa are both fans of punk rock, So the Day of the Dead images "are very fitting."

Sugar skulls are the symbol of the day and will be incorporated in a variety of ways. First of all, they have a tattoo artist friend who designed a sugar skull portrait of the couple. See the photo of the drawing? Note the sunflowers, which are a tribute to Sarah's grandfather, who had a spectacular sunflower garden. The wedding flowers will be sunflowers and marigolds, known as Flor del Muerto.

But, who the heck is Clover? That's Teresa's nickname! So, this really is them, in case you were wondering. I'm glad we have that cleared up. Moving on....

They're incorporating the sugar skull portrait by having a stamp made of the drawing, so they can adorn their wedding invites with the skulls. They're considering having tattoos made of the drawing to give out as wedding favors. Ooh! I totally want one!

The couple will be making their own wedding favors, which will be sugar skull-shaped soaps. Cool, huh? Plus - they're making actual sugar skulls which will adorn their wedding cupcakes as well as the tables. Squeee!! I can't stand all this fabulosity!!

Of course, you know the cupcakes are a big hit in my book. But, did you notice the cupcake tattoo? I did!

Prior to the wedding, they're inviting friends over for a sugar skull decorating party to help them make the favors. What a great way to get people involved!

For the reception, the Day of the Dead theme will carry over into the menu. Guests will get to dine on a taco bar and made-to-order guacamole. Plus, lots of chips and salsa.

The beverages will include Mexican beer and wine, and a specialty drink - Margaritas. These women know how to throw a party!

Other great details? How about an awesome sugar skull cake topper?! They're having one custom made by the etsy shop, dnacreations. See the photo of an example. Sweet!
And one of my favorite details of all?? Teresa's proposal. For Sarah's birthday, Teresa created a painting that said "Marry Me" and tied an engagement ring to the middle. Here she is with her painting. I guess Sarah liked it, 'cause she said "Yes."
Clearly I am in love with this wedding! So, congratulations to Sarah & Teresa! Your AnitaWeds Giveaway prize will be on its way to you shortly.
Just PLEASE send pictures of your Big Day..... I'm DYING to see them!