Wednesday, February 2, 2011

AnitaWeds Giveaway - Honorable Mention #1

The Giveaway ended on Monday and then the hard work began - selecting a winner! I received such fantastic entries, so I had a hard time deciding. I narrowed it down and then enlisted the help of my website guru (aka - my husband!) and my logo designer (a brilliant artist who happens to be my BFF). We finally came to a decision. We also felt that it was necessary to also have two honorable mentions. They were just that good!

So, before I announce the winner on Friday, I'll tell you about the entries who made it so darn hard to choose.

The first:
Cori and Steve, getting married on 9-10-11

They're planning on a ceremony that will be "a bit of
sweet and a dash of funny." They come from different religious backgrounds, but plan to include her Jewish heritage by ending the ceremony with the breaking of the glass. As Cori put it, "...honestly, who doesn't love to stomp on glass till it breaks and yell out Mazel Tov! Sounds like a good time to me!"

Their reception will include other personal touches. For example, the customized cake topper. As you can see from the photo, they're Hawks fans, especially Steve.
In fact, the Blackhawks even had a role in their engagement! Just look at their engagement photo, if you have any doubts! Well, the wedding cake topper will feature a bride and groom made to look just like them..... with Steve in a Hawks jersey- and both of them perched on a hockey puck!

Cori's favorite flower is the orchid, so she'll be carrying a bouquet with the beautiful blooms. The picture here is a photo that inspired her choice. Steve will also have an orchid boutonniere. And since they both like bamboo, they'll have bamboo in the centerpieces and will offer guests mini "lucky bamboo" as wedding favors.

Cori said, "We're hoping some of our luck in love will rub off on our guests!" How can you not love these people?!?!

She also mentioned that their "ultimate favorite thing" is their families, explaining, "Without our family's love and support we don't know where we'd be!" They plan to include special items from both of their families into the ceremony and reception. So sweet!

See why it was so hard to choose, with fabulous couples like Cori and Steve?

Details on the other Honorable Mention will follow tomorrow. And the WINNER will be announced here on Friday! Stay tuned.....