Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lauren & Randy's Lake Michigan Wedding

I recently had the honor of officiating Lauren & Randy's wedding at Navy Pier. More specifically, it was on Mystic Blue, one of the beautiful yachts at Navy Pier.

I have to confess that I was really nervous about this ceremony. I was already starting to worry about it a few months ago.

The reason is that, about a year ago, I learned that I am not a boat-lover.

It happened when I was with my son and his friends on an educational "cruise" on a big sailboat at Milwaukee's Discovery World. They kids
collected water samples, checked out the samples under microscopes and did lots of other cool stuff. The problem was, I started getting really queasy. I went below deck, thinking it would help. Wrong! that made it worse. Thank goodness one of the other parents noticed my misery and offered me a Dramamine. Yay for prepared moms!

My only other boat experience was on a b
oat outing with my husband's office on the day of the Air and Water Show. Pretty much every one was miserable, with several people hanging their heads over the sides. But, the owner of the company refused to dock early, because he fully intended on getting his money's worth.

Hence, my ne
rvousness about the Navy Pier wedding. I probably checked with the Lauren about a hundred times, making sure I would be able to get off the boat before it sailed.

Well, it was all needless worry, because I stepped aboard and didn't feel a thing. Yay!

It was so beautiful, as you can tell from the top photo, taken before the guests arrived.

It had been raining while I was driving towards downtown and it was pretty dreary as we waited for the
boat. But, as we waited, the sun began to peek out. By the time we began, it had turned into a gorgeous evening. The view was spectacular!

The ceremony included a handfasting ritual, in which Randy's mom and step-mom participated by wrapping and unwrapping the cord. The handfasting cord was truly the most beautiful one
I have ever seen. Lauren, an art teacher and very gifted artist, made the cord by hand, incorporating colors meaningful to her and Randy. She also put a loop on one end, so it can by hung up in their home as a keepsake.

Great idea for all you
crafty couples!

It was so wonderful to be a part of this lovely wedding.

Congratulations Lauren & Randy! I wish you a lifetime of love and joy!

P.S. You will be relieved to know that Lauren did not actually push Randy off the boat (bottom photo). Well, at least not while I was there to witness it!