Friday, June 25, 2010

Crafty Ideas for Crafty Couples!

When I go to my local library, I like to check out the latest releases in the non-fiction section. I head right to the cookbooks and craft books. I was pretty excited when I found Crafty Ideas for the Bride on a Budget by Linda Knopp. Yes, I'm a craft nerd. And I'm not ashamed.

I've found that wedding craft books tend to have a mixture of lovely crafts, sprinkled with projects that you wouldn't do even if your life depended on it. Let's face it - some of them are really dorky. And, dare I say it, kinda ugly. And then, on the other end of the spectrum, are the books with projects so complicated that even Marta Stewart's staff of crafty elves would flinch.

Well, not so with this book. The projects are attractive and (yay!) pretty easy to do - with very clear instructions.
My favorites are the Bright Bride's Bouquet, the Well Wishes Bell and the Unity Candle Set.

I recommend checking out this book for some great ideas for your crafty wedding.