Monday, July 6, 2009

This pop rocks!

I'm back to soda. But don't get the wrong idea about me, I'm not a huge pop drinker. That being said - I LOVE Jones soda. It could be I'm a sucker for the fun labels, but I also like the quirky flavors.

I became a devoted fan when I discovered the Thanksgiving boxed-sets. These Jones folks have a great sense of humor! I couldn't resist bringing a box along to the in-laws a few years ago, when we went there for Thanksgiving dinner. Most of the guests were too leery to try all the flavors (myself included). My teenage nephew, to his credit, braved them all. His repulsed expression and an exclamation of
"Ewww!" were immediately followed by, "Wanna try some?" Surprisingly, his unique sales pitch didn't win over any converts. I tried the cranberry, which was pretty good, but I didn't bother with broccoli casserole or turkey gravy. Just knowing they existed was good enough for me.

And now, the Jones soda people have won my heart all over again! I have discovered their customized Jones sodas for weddings. You simply choose your flavor (Strawberry Manilow, anyone?), add your photo for the label, and create a message to be printed on the bottle. Voila! You now have your very own Jones sodas!

It's easy and makes a great wedding favor!

Do you think the Joneses would adopt me?

Anita Jones.... I think it's meant to be.