Friday, July 3, 2009

51 Years Together!

Instead of the usual Friday Q & A, this week my post is dedicated to my parents, in honor of their 51st anniversary.

I remember when I was first married. Back then, it seemed that our 5th anniversary was so far away. We planned to go back to Europe for that occasion. Well, that milestone came and went, as did our 10th and 15th anniversaries. And we still haven't made it to Europe again! Oh well.

Now, imagine being married for
50 years. My Mom and Dad reached that point last year. Isn't that amazing?
In this photo, I'm with them in my sister's beautiful yard, at a family celebration. 

And, of course there was cake. Made by yours truly. I hate to toot my own horn, but I am pretty darn proud of my creation. It was a white cake with lemon filling and white butter cream frosting. I decorated it with fresh sweetheart roses - because I knew that any attempt at decorative frosting would end in tragedy (or comedy, depending on your perspective.) As I've said before, fresh flowers make any dessert look great!

But back to the point - my parents are celebrating their 51st anniversary this 4th of July weekend. They managed to raise three children without losing their minds. They've cared for us and watched us grow up and have families of our own. And now they're grandparents to six grandchildren. Yay, Mom & Dad! Life is good!