Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wedding Vows - What You Should Promise, But Probably Won't

Many of my couples decide to write their own vows. While they often agonize over the right wording, the proper length, and what they want to express, I am constantly awed and inspired by the beautiful vows my brides and grooms write. Well, that could just be because my couples are all so darned awesome. 

But, today I came across a blog post written by author Lydia Netzer, titled, 10 Best Marriage Vows You Never Hear at Weddings. And boy, is she spot on! 

I wish I could take credit for discovering this wonderful post, but I have to confess that I saw it referenced on Pinterest by Crafty Broads, an incredibly cool couple who create custom clothing (nice alliteration, there, huh?) and do event planning - and who I am dying to work with some day.

 And they have a pretty cool blog, Crafting a Marriage, which you need to check out.

So, back to the vows...... Netzer explains that there are ten vows couples should make to one another, in order to have a happy, healthy relationship. These include, "I promise to make sure I'm not just hungry, before I yell at you." And my husband can vouch that this one applies too me a little too well. 

Another important vow

I think we can all agree that this is an important one. 

So, check out the post for more excellent advice. And, if you do have a wedding coming up, you may want to think about including some of these suggestions in your vows.