Thursday, October 6, 2011

Being YOU on Your Big Day

I have an acquaintance who opted not to wear make-up on her wedding day. She never wore make-up in her daily life and didn't see the point of putting it on for the wedding. She mentioned this to a co-worker and was asked, "But don't you want to look good for your wedding?" She responded with, "Don't I look good now?" That ended that debate.

I just came across the post, Beautiful Without Makeup, on 2000 Dollar Wedding. It was about this very same thing!

The story made me remember my own wedding day. A friend, who was a professional cosmetologist, offered to do my make-up before the wedding. I went to her home studio, where gave me my "new look," insisting I needed to be "more dramatic" for the photos.

When I got to my car to go home, I checked my face in the mirror. I looked ridiculous! I burst out laughing and wound up wiping most of it off.

So, why do brides feel compelled to be someone different on their wedding day? There is so much pressure put on women to conform to a fairy-tale version of beauty on the Big Day. It's compounded by magazines, t.v. shows - and even friends and family,
But if you're not inclined to go that route, is it really such a big deal? So what if you don't want to put on make-up? Who cares if you wear your hair down, just like you always do? It's YOUR wedding!

I am happy to say I've met many wonderful brides who've chosen to do their own thing - without worrying about other people.

My favorite was a recent bride who wore a gorgeous, traditional, long, white wedding gown - with sneakers. I overheard two older family members talking about it. One lady said incredulously, "Wow - she just does whatever she wants." And the other replied, "And it works." Love it!

I'm all for doing what ever the heck you want on your big day. If you want to wear crazy-high stilettos, go for it. But if you want to wear flip-flops instead, you have my blessing. Just be YOU.