Friday, September 30, 2011

Festive Flower Food

Written by guest blogger Maya Furukawa.

Flowers. Every human being grows up surrounded by flowers and their pure, innocent beauty. Like love, flowers start as small, insignificant seeds, soon blossoming into gorgeous symbols of beauty. Likewise, love starts small but soon spreads, infecting the entirety of its person. Like flowers, love is beautiful. Like flowers, love brings joy.

On the left is an amazing example of a flower wedding cake - indeed, it is not a cake at all, but potted flowers in the shape of a cake. I love this unique "cake" which blends the wedding guest "goodie bags" with the notion of cake. And look - all the cake, with more beauty and zero calories! This lovely example comes from the blog Little Cakes.

Here are some more standard-looking flower cakes. This one appears to be decorated with orchids. The artistry used to make the flowers on these cakes appear realistic is incredible. The one on the right is from Wedding Cake Pictures.

Here's a more traditional flower wedding cake. However, it has a less-natural and more Asian feel to it. The design is beautiful, from the carefully crafted flowers t
o the gold-plated wrap around the base of each layer.

On the right is one final flower-coated cake. The little flowers are
sakura, or cherry blossoms. In place of the traditional bride and groom are two hearts. This photo comes from Deviant Art. What a beautiful flower-coated cake!