Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happiness - To Go!

A while back, I heard one of my son's friends refer to the outfit he was wearing (Bears jersey and sweatpants) as his "happy clothes." I liked the idea, but thought nothing further of it.

Shortly after that, when he had a group of friends over, one of the boys was being silly and pretended to be day dreaming when the other boys talked to him. He would say, "Sorry, I didn't hear you, I was in my happy place."

Later, I realized that these boys were on to something. I could use a bit of a happy infusion myself. So, I decided to make myself some happiness-to-go, in the form of a charm bracelet.

After two trips to the bead store, I completed my bracelet last week. I started
with a pile of charms, each representing someone or something special to me. I added a few beads, some because they have meaning, and others just because I happen to like them. (Pretty things make me happy!)

Some of my favorites are:
  • Bride & groom charm for my Celebrant work
  • Maneki Neko, the Chinese good luck cat - we've had one since we were married (and who can't use a little extra good luck, huh?)
  • Cupcake charm - because, as everyone knows, I love them!
  • Jade & pearl beads from one of my mother's old necklaces
  • A grill charm for my hubby, who loves a good barbeque
  • Clay beads made by my BFF - just for me
Now I can take all my happy things with me wherever I go..... and so can you!

Wouldn't it be fun to have a bracelet-making party?

This would be a ball for your bridal party! Each bridesmaid can make her own funky bracelet to wear for the wedding - and then has a great keepsake.

And each of you will have your very own brand of happiness.... to go!


  1. Anita - I have a silver charm bracelet, started in childhood and recently resurrected. It hadn't occurred to me to include beads and such as well. It's already hard to work while wearing it. Do you just wear it for certain occasions, or don't you feel like it gets in your way? (I'm still getting compliments on the necklace you sent me!)

  2. I wear mine all the time! Of course, I've only had it for a week, so it may get old after awhile. But I think you definitely need to dig out that bracelet! I also think we need to have a Celebrant beading party.