Sunday, June 6, 2010

Attention Crafty Brides: Make Your Own Bouquet!

Let me tell you a tale of woe. It's the sad saga of my wedding bouquet. sister said she knew someone who could preserve the flowers from my bouquet. I handed over the flowers after the wedding, so they could do their magic.

A few weeks later, my sister presented me with a beautiful wreath, created with the flowers, which had been dried. It was so pretty. I was thrilled! I hung it on my wall and thanked my lucky stars for granting me a thoughtful sister.

Now the sad part. The person who "preserved" the flowers actually didn't. I'm guessi
ng now that the flowers were just put somewhere to dry. A car trunk maybe? Okay, I know that's a little snotty, but as they hung on my wall, they began to disintegrate. There was always a little pile of dust on the floor every few days and I realized that the flowers were falling apart. Grrr.....

So, with that sad story in mind, I got all excited when I saw this fabulous project at one of my favorite
wedding blogs, Offbeat Bride.

Then I realized, "Oh wait a minute. I'm already married." Darn. Not that I don't love my dear hubby, but man, this is one cool DIY bouquet! So check out the article How to DIY Your Own Button and Bead Bouquet. Although it may take some time, it's not difficult. Even I could do it! (And I just may......)

Plus, you can have this bouquet as a keepsake..... forever!

By the way, my sad bouquet story does have a happy ending. My husband took a photo from our wedding to a floral shop and had them make a wreath with the same flowers that were in my bouquet- this time with silk flowers. He gave it to me for our first anniversary. Yup, he's a keeper. I'm gonna go give him a big smooch right now.