Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Q & A - Do I Need a Bridal Party?

Question: Do I need to have a bridal party for my wedding? I have several good friends and if I have everyone, the bridal party would be huge. We want a more intimate ceremony, so would it be weird to have no attendants?

Answer: It wouldn't be weird at all to skip a bridal party. I have married several couples who decided to have a ceremony involving just them - no attendants, no flower girl, no ringbearer. A few opted for just a Best Man and Maid of Honor, but several decided to forgo attendants altogether. It's really up to you! Do what makes you most comfortable, and what feels right.

Two things to consider if you decide to skip the bridal party:

The bridal bouquet - Is there somewhere to put your flowers when you exchange rings? You may want to consider a small table placed nearby, so you can set the flowers down. This past weekend I had a wedding in a mansion. The bride passed her flowers to me and I placed them on the fireplace mantle behind us. It worked perfectly.

The rings - Will someone present the rings if there is no Best Man? I've had couples have their parents hold onto the rings and bring them up for the ring exchange. A recent couple had each of their nephews bring up a ring. Another possibility is to use a table (also used for the flowers) and have the rings there at the beginning of the ceremony.

So, yes, you absolutely can have a ceremony without the bridal party. And if you plan ahead, no one will notice the difference!