Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Q & A: Why Hire a Celebrant?

Question: I never heard of a Celebrant until recently. Why should I hire a Celebrant for my wedding?

Answer: A Celebrant is an professional who works with couples to create a personalized ceremony that will reflect you and will represent your unique love story.

When asked how I'm different from a minister or a judge, I explain that a minister is an expert in his or her particular faith; a judge is an expert in the law; and a Celebrant is an expert in creating ceremonies and rituals. I was trained and certified by The Celebrant Foundation and Institute, of which I remain a member.

As for the details - a Celebrant will give you ownership. You will have complete authority over what is said and done during your ceremony. There are no strict rules to which you must adhere, so with a Celebrant, no one will tell you that you must do or say certain things - it's all up to you. If you have ideas for your wedding day (no matter how off-beat or non-traditional they may be) a Celebrant can help you make it happen!

In short, a Celebrant will help you make your wedding ceremony exactly the way YOU want it!