Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Q and A: Pew Cones

Question: I recently heard the term, "pew cone." What does it mean?
Answer: Pew cones, also known as pew markers, are used to decorate the ends of rows (or pews in a church) for a wedding ceremony. The cones usually contain flowers or greenery, and can be made of any number of materials, from paper to metal.

Metal cones can be purchased in craft stores, but you can also make your own pew cones.

Here are websites with instructions for DIY pew cones:
Project Wedding
Wedding Bee

I also found some pretty pew cones for sale on Etsy. Check out the pretty paper cones made by Two Sheep and a Bug
and the fabric cones embellished with feathers and beads, made by Modern Victorian.

Whether you decide to make your own or purchase something fun and unique, pew cones will add a nice, colorful touch to your wedding!