Saturday, February 9, 2019

Rita & Bridget's Super Fun & Sorta Nerdy Ceremony

Bridget and Rita...just married!

When I met Rita and Bridget I adored them on the spot. They were sweet and funny, and my kinda people! Needless to say, I had fun creating their wedding ceremony. 

This winter wedding took place at Old Towne Hall in Crystal Lake, providing a warm and intimate setting for this fun and unique event. 

The brides created a whimsical and welcoming atmosphere with all of their DIY touches. From the flowers adorning the tables to the seating arrangements, Bridget and Rita put their personal touch on all of the details. 

Their ceremony was so much fun to write and included some nerdy references, lots of love, and even a unique unity ritual of their own creation. Rita and Bridget are craftsy folk, so they each created a piece of work for the other. (I'm especially impressed that they were able to keep these a secret from one another!) 

After their vows and the ring exchange, they each opened the artwork the other created for them. They then placed these pieces side by side, inside a frame, which they sealed shut together. In the piece on the right (created by Bridget) you can see their silhouettes in blues and purples, huddled over a coffee cup, commemorating their first date at a coffee shop.

While this was definitely my favorite part of the ceremony, I loved that they were willing to include some nerdy references, including Harry Potter and gaming. I mean, they did first meet at a bar game night, playing Cronikole.  

Their unique and personal touches were evident throughout the venue. For example, instead of individualized seating, guests were grouped at tables, according to their association. So, there were family tables, as well as tables for co-workers from the framing shop, and friends from gaming groups. Hence, the "Framers" and "Gamers" table. 

What's not to love with these two?!?! 

Bride selfie!
Bridget and Rita were such a joy! The rehearsal the day before was full of laughs, so I knew we were going to have a great time on the big day. Boy, was I right! The ceremony was full of laughter (even if one of the times it was because no one got our joke), and even a few tears. Most of all, it was full of so much love. 

Rita and Bridget, I wish you all the love in the world. Keep making each other laugh and keep shining your light.... and "I forget the rest."