Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Case for Unplugged Weddings

This past year, I have added language in my ceremonies asking guests to put away their phones & cameras. Now, I should explain that this is put into the 1st draft, which I send to the couple, and they have the option of removing it. I find that most people leave it in. They've heard the  stories. And I can vouch for it - the stories are TRUE.

Of course, not everyone with a smart phone or an iPad is rude. And yet, many people seem to forget their manners when they're at a wedding and they want to get that one "perfect shot." I've seen a camera-happy relative almost bump into the groom as the groom was pouring a glass of wine. I've seen a bride barely able to walk up the aisle because guests were stepping in front of her to take pictures. And I hear the clicking and snapping throughout the ceremony.

 So, my friends, please watch the video below. And don't be that guy.

Thanks to my colleague, Life Cycle Celebrant Cindie Wilding of Bird and Nest Ceremonies, for sharing this video!