Sunday, June 9, 2013

Why Chicago Weddings are so Great

Today, I spent the day downtown with my family. We strolled around a bit and walked around the Blues Festival. My husband was convinced he saw Billy Corgin walking by, but I have my doubts. (The guy in question was sporting some pretty cool cowboy boots, though). 

And then, we ran into one of my favorite couples, who will be getting married this fall! So, we stopped and chatted with Rashonda and Steve and then continued on our wandering. 

We made our way through Millennium Park and dipped our toes in the Crown Fountain. And there, between the the two spout-faced structures, this happened....

I'm not sure if this was a post-wedding "Trash the Dress" session, or if this couple just decided to let loose on their big day. Either way, it was pretty cool!

After this surprise, we had dinner, followed by a stop at Garrett's for some popcorn (cheese & caramel mix, of course), and then headed home. 

Even though I'm a suburbanite now, I'm still a city girl at heart!