Monday, June 24, 2013

Pets at Weddings

My family loves animals - as our two dogs and two cats will gladly confirm! And if it weren't for the practicality and common sense of my husband, we'd probably have an ever bigger menagerie! 

So many of the couples I marry are also huge animal lovers, and look for ways to include their furry kids in their wedding planning. So, I was happy to see this article on the Tails website - 5 Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding.

So, check out the article for some great tips - and check out the Angel Eyes Photography post on Luis & Dan's wedding to see more photos of them with their pooch on their wedding day.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

DIY Wedding Ring Bowl

How cute is this?! Head on over to Intimate Weddings for complete instructions to make your own ring bowl! This is also a sweet little piece that can serve as a lovely keepsake.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Why Chicago Weddings are so Great

Today, I spent the day downtown with my family. We strolled around a bit and walked around the Blues Festival. My husband was convinced he saw Billy Corgin walking by, but I have my doubts. (The guy in question was sporting some pretty cool cowboy boots, though). 

And then, we ran into one of my favorite couples, who will be getting married this fall! So, we stopped and chatted with Rashonda and Steve and then continued on our wandering. 

We made our way through Millennium Park and dipped our toes in the Crown Fountain. And there, between the the two spout-faced structures, this happened....

I'm not sure if this was a post-wedding "Trash the Dress" session, or if this couple just decided to let loose on their big day. Either way, it was pretty cool!

After this surprise, we had dinner, followed by a stop at Garrett's for some popcorn (cheese & caramel mix, of course), and then headed home. 

Even though I'm a suburbanite now, I'm still a city girl at heart!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Maria & Lisa's Intimate Backyard Ceremony

I had so much fun working with Lisa and Maria as we created their ceremony!

Their wedding day started off being pretty wet, especially after the previous day's storms. But, a little drizzle wasn't going to stop us! Despite it being cool and a little misty, we had the ceremony in the garden, with a beautiful flower arch as a backdrop. 

Maria and Lisa included a flower-gathering ritual, during which family members came forward to present them with flowers to create a bouquet. It was so sweet to see their loved ones come up, especially when Maria's little nephew announced with a big grin, "Here you go!" You could definitely feel the love surrounding them!

Now I'm just dying to see all the gorgeous photos by the amazing Oriana of Okrfoto. I know they'll be fantastic!

Hanging out with Lisa and Maria before the ceremony
Following the ceremony, guests joined the couple at a neraby restaurant for a reception, and then came back to their house for cake. Look how sweet that cake looks! And since it's from Luscious Layers Bakery, you know it was delicious! And from what I'm told, there wasn't a single crumb left over. 
Fabulous cake by Luscious Layers Bakery
Congratulations, Maria and Lisa! Thank you for letting me be a part of your wonderful wedding day. You're the best!! And now that I've sampled the results of your amazing baking skills, you'll never get rid of me.