Sunday, August 26, 2012

Adding a Little Spice to a Ceremony!

The shady courtyard 

Yesterday was hot. Nasty, humid HOT. While I was looking forward to Sandra and Pete's wedding, I was a little worried about an outdoor ceremony. I am no friend of the heat. But, luckily, the Hyatt Deerfield has a lovely, and more importantly, shady courtyard. It created a perfectly intimate atmosphere for the ceremony. And it was surprisingly comfortable! Whew.

I also had the honor of having the ceremony be observed by a prospective Life-Cycle Celebrant student (who was nice enough to snap the picture to the left). I'm glad she got to see this particular ceremony because, not only was I marrying a great couple, they picked a unique ritual for the ceremony!

Sandra and Pete opted to include a planting ritual, using a pot of oregano. I love this idea! (You can see it on the table in the photo below by Angel Eyes Photography)

Oregano represents love and honor. It is also said that the goddess Aphrodite gave oregano as a gift to mortals to keep them happy. It was a the perfect symbol for a ritual illustrating the significance of joining two lives in marriage. And, they can make use of the herb when they cook at home!

Congratulations, Sandra & Pete! I wish you a lifetime of love, laughter.... and delicious dinners!

A view of the ceremony by Angel Eyes Photography
I can't wait to see all the beautiful photos by Angel Eyes Photography