Monday, July 23, 2012

It's Our Wedding Anniversary! Looking Back 19 Years.......

Mom's creation
Today, my husband and I are celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary. Tonight we'll go through our wedding album and reminisce. 
In honor of our celebration, I thought I'd share a few pages from our album - and some wedding day memories
  1. My mom made my wedding gown. This led to many debates (okay, arguments). I wanted a flowy, hippie-style dress. I wound up with a straight skirt and a detachable train. It was beautiful - but completely different than what I planned. And what was with that cap/veil thingie?
  2. When the flowers were delivered to my house, we realized that we forgot to order corsages for the moms and grandma. I wound up ordering them from Jewel & Dad went to pick them up. 
  3. I went to a friend's house to have her do my make-up before the wedding. I looked like a circus clown when she finished. ("But you need to have more color for the pictures.") I rubbed off most of it off on the way home. 
  4. My brother drove me to the ceremony with my sister and his date. We were early, so we went to Winberie Cafe, a restaurant with a bar. People kept buying us drinks! (Brides, use that wedding dress to your advantage!) 
  5. When I was walking down the aisle, a friend of my husband's stepped forward and high-fived me. Classy.
  6. My nephew (age 2 at the time) was the ring bearer. My sister bribed him with candy to "walk nicely" down the aisle. When he got to the front he yelled out, "Can I have my Tootsie Roll now?!" 
  7. During the vows, after my husband said "I do," I whispered, "You better." I didn't think everyone would be able to hear me. Of course they did.
  8. We did a receiving line at the reception venue. By the time we finished, all the appetizers (that WE picked!) were gone.  And I was hungry. Really hungry.
  9. My parents wanted a German band, I wanted a deejay, so we had both. All my friends danced to the German band. The Deejay played everything EXCEPT the songs on my playlist.
  10. We had a really hard time cutting the cake. No one mentioned that there would be cardboard between the layers. I know that now.
  11. Another thing about the cake. I wanted fresh flowers on top. The bakery said that wasn't possible. What?!
  12. The server that waited on the head table was really mean. She rolled her eyes when we asked for more butter. Nice.
  13. Despite some mishaps, it was one of the best days of my life. 
Other couples make cake cutting look so easy!

If I could do it over again I would: 
  1. Hire a real deejay & play great dance music.
  2. Get a good photographer
  3. Serve cupcakes!
  4. Wear a different dress
  5. Marry the same wonderful man.
So..... I guess next year we may need to have a 20th anniversary party. This time we'll get those details right. 

Happy anniversary, sweetheart!